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June 20, 2019
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Sometimes the simplest aesthetic changes are the most dramatic. In fact, simply by lightening the color of your teeth by just a few shades, your entire appearance can look much more vibrant and youthful!

If you're currently unhappy with your dull, stained teeth, you will be pleased to learn that is actually quite easy to make over your smile with tooth whitening treatment provided by your Fargo, ND, dentists, Drs. Jon and Brad Anderson of Anderson Dental. Read on to learn more!

Whitening your teeth is quick and simple

Have you previously tried over-the-counter whitening products, but given up on them because of the lackluster results and long time requirements? In contrast with these OTC products, professional whiteners used by your Fargo dentists contain a higher formulation of hydrogen peroxide, a natural chemical that safely bleaches teeth and removing deep enamel stains. This provides much better results than drug store products, in just a fraction of the time!

In fact, just about an hour after the whitening gel is applied, your teeth will be noticeably whiter. Many people notice a three-to-eight shade difference in their teeth after whitening. (Take-home kits are also available for whitening at home or touching up your results.)

Professional whitening helps you avoid common pitfalls

Both uneven appearance and sensitivity can be a problem with OTC products. Fortunately, with professional treatment, our dentist carefully covers the fronts of your teeth with whitening gel to ensure that every part of them is whitened. You'll also receive a thorough teeth cleaning before whitening to remove every speck of plaque or tartar.

Although hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe for your teeth, the gel can cause sensitivity if it comes in contact with your roots or gums. Before your treatment begins, your dentist will apply a gel that forms a protective barrier on your gums and roots. You'll also wear plastic retractors that hold your mouth away from your teeth during your treatment.

Avoiding stain-causing substances can help you prolong your results

Following your professional whitening treatment, your smile could stay noticeably whiter for two to three years. You can also prevent new stains from developing by quitting smoking and avoiding foods/beverages that tend to cause stains, such as wine, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, berries, and brightly colored sports drinks and ice pops.

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