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By Anderson Dental
June 16, 2017
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Discover the many ways cosmetic dentistry can revamp your smile for the better.cosmetic dentistry

You took one look at your smile in the mirror and noticed that it wasn’t exactly how you thought it looked. Perhaps you’ve started to notice that chip in your front tooth a little more than you used to. Maybe there is a small gap between teeth that has become more apparent over the years. Whatever the case may be, our Fargo, ND, cosmetic dentists, Dr. Jon Anderson or Dr. Brad Anderson, can help improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry.

What is the purpose of cosmetic dentistry?

Just as the name suggests, cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to improving the overall appearance and aesthetics of your teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a necessity but it can certainly go a long way to enhancing and improving the way your smile looks. Here in Fargo, our dentists offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options to meet your needs, regardless of whether you want to make small changes or large-scale makeovers.

Why choose cosmetic dentistry?

Some people question the purpose of cosmetic dentistry if it isn’t going to actually improve the overall health or quality of your teeth. Of course, the shape, color or size of your smile can go a long way to making or breaking your confidence. After all, think about how often you open your mouth to talk to someone or smile. Showing off crooked, stained or damaged teeth can be embarrassing. Cosmetic dentistry can fix all of these issues, improve the look of your smile and boost your confidence.

What are my options when it comes to getting cosmetic dentistry?

There are quite a few treatment options to consider including:

  • Teeth whitening: Our in-office system can get smiles several shades whiter in often just one whitening session:
  • Dental bonding: A moldable tooth-colored material is applied over small flaws to hide them.
  • Tooth and gum reshaping/contouring: Bits of enamel are shaved and filed down from a tooth to change its shape or size.
  • Dental veneers: These thin tooth-colored shells are bonded to the front of a tooth to hide more widespread cosmetic defects.
  • Invisible orthodontics: Fix spacing, crowding and other dental misalignments with a nearly invisible orthodontic system that is custom-made to fit your teeth.

Anderson Dental in Fargo, ND, is dedicated to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. Call our office today to schedule a consultation. Let’s find out what cosmetic dentistry could do for you.